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Costume Central

Click on the type of dance below to view costume details for each individual class. General information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Costume Changes:


To our parents of young students with costume changes:

Two Dressing Room attendants will be on hand backstage to help young students change into their second costume.  These attendants will also collect second costumes in the lobby before the show starts, and be on hand in the lobby afterwards to return costumes to parents.  If you are only comfortable with your child being changed by a family member, please sign up to be a dressing room attendant.  


All costume changing students will please wear a nude leotard as a foundation garment under their costumes.  These are sold online at Amazon and Discount Dance Supply, in a variety of colors and sizes. Try and match your child's nude leo as closely to their own skin tone as possible.  

Hair Rules of Thumb:  

If you are a Creative Movement or Ballet student, wear your hair in a bun.

Jazz/Tap Student? Ponytail.  Regardless of gender, get your hair out of your face please! 

Hip Hop- any hair style you like that doesn't interfere with your dancing.  


Costume Care-

Most costumes can't be washed in a machine.  Spot clean with soap and water.  


Wearing a tutu?  Hang it by the crotch of the leo, and steam it using either your iron's steam function (never touch the tutu with an iron!) or a steamer machine if you've got it.  You can also hang the tutu in the bathroom while someone takes a 15-20 minute steamy shower, and then pull gently to straighten out the tulle before letting it dry.  

Make up-

Students may wear make up if they choose, it is not required and it is not provided by the studio.  Lots of dancers like to wear a little lipstick and mascara, or even some glitter and we love that.  Advanced dancers are expected to wear full stage make up.  

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