2020-2021 School Year

Below you'll find our pre-pandemic class offerings; please use this page to gain an understanding of what our fall 2021 program will look like. 

We are currently offering Private and Family Lessons with in-person instruction. Our schedule is full, but email us at to join our waiting list. 

Dallas Ballet & Academy of Dance

We offer a variety of dance techniques for students ranging from three years old to adult, and we work with students and their parents to identify the best fit for each student. Please see a brief description of each course below, followed by our current course schedule.  We look forward to welcoming your student into the classes that will best serve their personal goals for dance.

Class Descriptions
Creative Movement
Ballet & Pointe

This class is for 3-5 year old children, who typically have not entered Kindergarten. It runs 45 minutes and comprises a "follow-along" warm up, singing and Ballet steps in the center, and dance games that teach rhythm, musicality and shapes. 

This genre is for students of Kindergarten age and older. Our Vagonova curriculum comprises exercises done at the barre, in the centre and across the floor. Pointe instruction begins when the student is at least a level IV, and the instructor deems he or she is ready.  Ballet Class levels are generally: 

Ballet I- ages 5 to 7

Ballet II- ages 7 to 9

Ballet III- ages 9 to 12

Ballet IV- ages 12 to 14

Ballet V- age 15 to 16

Ballet VI- age 16 to 17

Ballet VII- age 17 to 18

Ballet VIII- Mastery Level

This genre is for students who are Pre-K aged and older. Tap is performed to a variety of music genres, and incorporates techniques from Ballet, Jazz, and other dance styles. Tap Class levels are generally:

PreK Tap- ages 3-5, not in Kinder

Tap I- ages 5 to 7

Tap II- ages 7 to 10

Tap III ages 10-14

Tap IV- ages 14-18

Tap V or "Elite Tap"- Mastery Level, Invitation Only 


This genre is for students of Kindergarten age and older. Jazz dancing originates from the Broadway tradition, and stylistically is characterized by strong, sassy, Ballet-like movements performed to popular music.

Jazz Class Levels generally are:

Jazz I- ages 4 to 6

Jazz II- ages 7 to 10

Jazz III ages 10-14

Jazz IV- ages 14-18

Elite Jazz- Invitation Only 


This class is offered for ages 6 and above.  This genre of dance is rather new when compared to others, and finds its roots in African American culture. Hip Hop is a combination of African, vaudeville, Jazz and other influences that is best expressed in today’s urban rap culture.

Hip Hop Class Levels are generally:

Hip Hop I- ages 5 to 7

Hip Hop II- ages 8 to 12

Hip Hop III- ages 11-14

Hip Hop IV- ages 13-Adult 

Dance Camps

During breaks between terms, we offer Winter and Summer dance camps. Camps typically last one week and center around a theme. Along with dance instruction, camps include thematic crafts, videos, and games. They can be an entertaining addition to dance training and a great introduction for students who are considering dance classes during the school year. Dance Camp students can wear close-fitting soft clothing and bare feet to participate- no special dance wear need be purchased.