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Dress Code & Dancewear Stores

Dance Wear Stores 

Creative Movement & Ballet

Option A: The student should wear pink leather or canvas Ballet slippers, pink tights, and a leotard of any color, with hair pulled back and no jewelry.  A Ballet skirt may be worn if desired. 

Option B: The student should wear black leather or canvas Ballet shoes, shorts or leggings, white t-shirt and no jewelry.  


*Beware the imposter Ballet shoe- sold in some big-box stores- it's made of shiny spandex, and has a ribbon glued to the top instead of a proper drawstring.  This is a dress up item for pretend play, not a proper Ballet slipper.  



The student should wear a black leather Jazz shoe, with a form-fitting but comfortable Jazz or athletic pant and a t-shirt or tank top. Long hair should be pulled back.  No jewelry and no gum please.  



Tap dancers can wear leggings, shorts or skirts, or any lower body garment that doesn't dwarf or hide the knees and ankles.  A tank top, or tee shirt can be worn on top.  Hair should be up and out of the face, no jewelry and no gum please.  


Hip Hop

Students should wear clean tennis shoes, loose fitting athletic pants or leggings, and a t-shirt, or tank top. Hoodies may be worn at the beginning of class, but instructors will ask that they be removed for specialized isolation work, so wear something underneath please. 

Adult Dance Classes

Barre Class Dress Guidance-

Ballet clothing (see above) and/or leggings and tank tops or shirts are all acceptable. Anything a student would normally wear for a workout will likely stand in good stead. Ballet slippers, Jazz shoes/sneakers, barre socks and bare feet are all acceptable. Be sure to wear supportive undergarments, take off jewelry, toss out gum and put long hair out of the face. Safety first, and fun a close second! 

Body Positivity Class Guidance- Body Positivity class is about embracing you and your body, so please wear clothes that are comfortable for a workout. We will be very active in class, so wear enough clothing to feel comfortable, but not so much that it inhibits your movement. It is recommended that you bring or wear something to cover your knees in case we do work on the floor. Sneakers are the recommended footwear for this class. , but we may remove them for certain sections of class. 

Dance Wear Stores:

We are blessed with two local dance wear stores that leave nothing to compromise:

  • The Dance and Fitness Studio in Monmouth sells a great selection of dancewear and shoes!

  • The Dancewear Store in Salem is a delight- their prices are fair, their selection is extensive, and the owner Karol is extremely knowledgable. They are located at: 1127 Broadway St NE Suite 145 Salem, OR 97301​. 


Not so Local, but knowledgeable and helpful:


And as always, online:

  • Discount Dance Supply- Use teacher ID TP 34653 to earn our studio points we can use to purchase necessary costume items for our performances!  It will also give you 10% off your first purchase. 

  • All About Dance

  • Amazon- (Discount Dance Supply often lists their inventory here, but if you have Amazon Prime you can get free 2 day shipping, so that can be advantageous!) 


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