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Tuition Rates & Fee Schedule

Dance Class Costs 

$50 per month for a 50 minute class once a week

$75 per month for a 80 minute class once a week

Multiple Class/Sibling Discount:

The first class is full price, each subsequent class added for an individual or family is 50% off.


Tuition Cap:

Tuition Cap for families of 1 or 2 is $250, for families of 3 or more, Tuition Cap is $300. 

Private Dance Lesson Costs

$15 for a 25 minute private coaching lesson

$30 for a 50 minute coaching lesson

$20 for a 25 minute sibling lesson (2 students)

$40 for a 50 minute sibling lesson (2 students)

$25 for a 25 minute sibling lesson (3+ students)

$50 for a 50 minute sibling lesson (3+ students)

Tumbling Lesson Costs

$80/month for Cohort Classes: 4 once-a-week classes in a month

$30 for a 30 minute private tumbling lesson

$45 for a 1 hour private tumbling lesson

$45 for a 30 minute sibling tumbling lesson (2 students)

$60 for a 1 hour sibling tumbling lesson (2 students)

 These rates all assume electronic payment is made.

Additional sign-up fees

include a $30 Registration fee per family. (This does not apply to summer classes). 

 Performing students have a $25 Costume deposit

per student per class. *School year only*

A $5 late fee will be assessed to accounts that are paid more than two weeks late, a $10 late fee will be charged on accounts that are three weeks late, a $15 fee for four weeks late, and a $20 late fee for 30 days or more past due.  E-payment accounts whose charges fail and cost the studio a fee will be charged the total of those fees when the payment is tried again.  

If tuition has not been paid for a particular month, a student will be prevented from taking class or performing with the studio until an outstanding balance has been paid. 

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis to secure a position in class for a student, not on class by class basis. There will not be a refund on classes missed by the student, although every effort will be made to allow for make up classes. You will receive a tuition refund if you give the established 30 day notice before withdrawing from class.

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