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Spring Term 2023 Picture Day

Saturday, June 10th 9am - 1:30pm, LaCreole Middle School

Hello Studio Parents!


Below you will find the schedule for our Spring Term Into the Books photos. An order form with this information was also sent home with your student. Here are some tips to make picture day go smoothly for your family: 

  • Please arrive at the appropriate time block for your student’s class. 

  • Students should be dressed and ready upon arrival. Please see the Costume Central tab of our webpage to see what this means for your student. 

  • If your child is in multiple classes, they will need to have all costumes and accessories present and ready to wear. Space will be provided for costume changes. 

  • Please be patient. We want to capture the best photo of every child and stay on schedule, but sometimes these two things don’t always happen simultaneously. We appreciate and value your family, so we want to make sure we are getting the best photos possible of every student.

  • Have picture packets and payment ready to send with your child to their photo session. We will collect them from your child as we line them up to take their photos.


If you have any questions, please email Miss Jenesa at


9:30am - PreK Tap, Tinkerbell, Creative Movement, Ballet I, Red Riding Hood

10:00am - Hip Hop I, Tap III, Advanced Ballet Thurs., Peter Pan, Tinkerbell

10:30am - Jazz I, Tinkerbell, Elite Hip Hop, Ballet II,

11:00am - Ballet I/II, Ballet III, Tap II, Pinocchio

11:30am - Jazz IV/V, Blue Fairy, "That Man", Gatsby, Daisy, Ballet IV/V Thur., Pointe I, Stepmother, Cinderella, Prince

12:00pm - Hip Hop II, Hip Hop III, Jazz II

12:30pm - Tap IV/V (Wizards), Jazz III, Cheshire Cat, Ballet IV/V Tues., Alice

1:00pm - Red Queen, Knaves, Executioner

1:10pm - Leads:

  1. Sheherazade

  2. BBW & Red

  3. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

  4. Pinocchio & Blue Fairy

  5. Gatsby & Daisy

  6. Stepmother, Cinderella, and Prince

  7. Alice and Cheshire Cat

  8. Red Queen


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