Friday Cast

Student Seating 

Sitting in the House:

Ballet I

Ballet II

Hip Hop I

Ballet III

Tap II

Tap/Jazz I


DCS Ballet


Creative Movement Tuesday Mill St. - (Before Intermission seated with their families in the audience. After Intermission in the lobby with volunteers)

Demi-Dancers In House:

P. Anderson (HH III)

B. Blanchard (Tap IV/V and Ballet III)

K. Lindquist (Tap III)

N. Mcknight (Ballet IV/V)

J. Rogers (HH III and Jazz IV)

K. Mezick (HH III and Tap III)

R. Parsons (Ballet IV/V)

S. Poston (Ballet IV/V)


Tap IV/V

Hip Hop III

Advanced Dancers/Soloists

Jazz IV

Ballet V/VI/VII 

June Gala 2019 Show Order Friday

  1. Tap IV/V

  2. Ballet II

  3. Contemporary Solo - Lilly G.

  4. Tap/Jazz I with Miss Veronica

  5. Ballet III 4pm

  6. Hip Hop III

  7. Contemporary Solo - Meredith O.

  8. Tap II

  9. Partnering Class

  10. Contemporary Solo - Maddie B.

  11. Ballet I 6pm

  12. DCS Ballet

  13. Jazz IV - B

  14. Intermission 

  15. Thursday Ballet VI/VII

  16. Tap Solo - Katelyn L.

  17. Hip Hop I

  18. Hip Hop Solo - Abigail S.

  19. Jazz IV - 7

  20. Creative Movement Tuesday with Miss Stephanie

  21. Ballet IV/V

  22. Tap III

  23. DCS Tap

  24. Jazz IV - Y

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Satellite Studio on Court Street:

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