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Image by Leópold Kristjánsson

Dallas Ballet Presents a brand new

Into the Books
An Original Dance Production

Central High School

1530 Monmouth Street

Independence, Oregon 97351

Thursday, June 15th, Curtain 6:30 pm

Friday, June 16th, Curtain 6:30pm 


Student Check-In and House Opens 30 minutes prior to curtain 

Please Scroll Down for more information

40 minutes prior to curtain: Parent Volunteers only arrive at the check in station down the hallway to the left of the auditorium doors.    Volunteers will then be deployed to their seats in the house or their stations to await student check-in time.

30 minutes prior to curtain: All Cast Check-in: Cast members not expected to attend company warm up (level III and lower) should arrive in costume and with dance shoes on. Please do not arrive at the theater with costume in hand, but rather already dressed in the first costume needed. If your dancer has a costume change, please check any extra costumes in at the green room entrance. A staff member will be there to check in costumes and take them backstage. Please make sure all dance shoes are with the appropriate costume.

30 minutes prior to curtain: House Doors open: Christina Healy, our house manager will open the doors thirty minutes before curtain.  Please do not enter the house (auditorium) before then unless you are a parent volunteer. 

30 minutes prior to curtain:  Box Office Opens:  Julie Huling will be available at the box office table for any last minute ticketing needs.

6:30pm Thursday and Friday Curtain Rises, See the Show Order here. 

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