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Cinderella Study Videos 

These videos are privately uploaded to YouTube, and cannot be found by searching on that site. The purpose of this page is to allow students and parents to access videos of choreography in order to rehearse for our Cinderella Production. Please do not share this web page or it's password with anyone who is not a cast member or the guardian of a cast member. 

"Keep Breathing" 05-21-18 (Advanced Ballet Mondays) 

Ballet I Tuesdays 4pm 

Spanish Princess Variation

Elementary Jazz Mondays 4pm 

Ballet IV Waltz 

"Little Party Never Killed Nobody" 05-16-18 (Intermediate Jazz) 

Ballet III Tuesdays 6pm 

Miss Stephanie doing Creative Movement Tuesday 3:15pm 

Ballet II Mondays 5pm 

Ballet IV Grand Allegro

Pointe I 

From Stepmother/Shoe to Prince Recognizes Cinder 

Ballet I/II Tuesdays 5pm 

Dealing with Stepmother 

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