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How can I help? 

Hello All! 

Miss Stephanie here, with a little bit about how you can support the studio so our business still exists when the Pandemic Closures end. 

I get asked all the time- "How is the studio faring?" "What are you doing to keep going?" and "How can I help your business survive the COVID19 Pandemic?"


Because people are kind. So you know what? Here are all the things that some people are already doing. Please consider joining them, it makes a huge difference. 


We will gladly accept donations to keep the studio running during closures. Your contributions keep our space maintained, and our utilities paid. We can always return to classes, if we can maintain our business space. 

Take Virtual Classes.

Students and Families who have been taking private lessons since September- THANK YOU! 

Your support has enabled us to see our staff working, and their family incomes secured during the Pandemic. Lessons are how we pay employees. So if you were hoping for Freeze Mode to end, and didn't switch to Virtual Dance Lessons when this most recent closure was announced, please start now. Email your instructor if you'd like to resume instruction virtually. 

 Promote the studio. 

Ok, maybe you can't help financially at this point. Maybe you're even a student with access to the internet but no funds for donation- you can help enormously! Please promote the studio on Social Media, so others can find our studio. We will need a fresh influx of new students and families when we are able to reopen normally, and you can help us find them. 

  • Share dance photos on your social media platforms and mention the studio. Tag Faculty Members in your posts. 

  • "Check in" to the studio on Facebook whenever your student takes a virtual lesson.

  • Share our posts to your Facebook Page; help others find us. 

  • Make sure you "Like" the studio's Facebook page, and enable notifications so we can tag YOU in posts about your child.

  • Follow @dallasballet on Instagram and include us in your posts and stories about dance classes and instruction. 

Rate, review and subscribe.

  • Give us a Facebook or Google Review. 

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel- you'll find that here

  • Follow us on Instagram @dallasballet

  • "Like" us on Facebook and enable notifications

Share what you know.

Do you think we know it all? No way.  Do you know of a new style of mask that's comfortable and affordable? Or a cleanser whose scent is kind to bodies? Or a grant for small businesses struggling in the Pandemic? Anything that could be helpful? Email us at Everyone knows something helpful that we don't know. 

Pray for us. 

If you pray, please pray for us. Please pray that all of our employees stay well, and that studio can withstand the economic challenges of living in a Pandemic. 

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