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Into the Books

Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday, June 14th

Central High School

1530 Monmouth Street

Independence, Oregon 97351

Please check the list below for what time your child will be rehearsing on stage. Once a class has finished, we will not be able to go back and rehearse that class again. Please arrive dressed and ready to go onstage. We try to stay on schedule as much as possible, but sometimes things happen, and we love when they happen during dress rehearsal so they don't happen during the show! Because of this, we cannot state how much we value your patience and cooperation during the process.

Into the Books Dress Rehearsal Schedule

All Advanced Level students who appear in more than one dance should stay until the end of dress rehearsal to receive choreographer notes and be given more time on stage if any technical issues arise. All other students may leave rehearsal after their last class on the schedule has been dismissed. Thank you

4:00 - PreK Tap

4:10 - Creative Movement (both Tuesday and Wednesday classes)

4:20 - Top of Show through Red Riding Hood Story:

          1. Az and Kaitlyn

          2. Sheherazade Variation

          3. Ballet I

          4. Hip Hop I

          5. BBW and Red PdD

          6. Tap III

4:50 - Peter Pan Story:

          1. Adv. Ballet Thurs.

          2. Jazz I

          3. Elite Hip Hop

5:10 - Pinocchio through end of Act I:

          1. Ballet I/II

          2. Ballet II


          3. Tap II

          4. Ballet III

          5. Blue Fairy and Pinocchio PdD

          6. Blue Fairy Variation

          7.  Jazz IV/V

5:45 - BREAK

6:00 - Gatsby Story:

          1. Tap IV/V Gatsby

          2. Adv. Ballet Tues.

6:15 - Cinderella Story:

          1. Pointe I

          2. Ballet IV/V Thurs. & Pointe I

6:30 - Harry Potter Story:

          1. Hip Hop II


          2. Jazz II

          3. Hip Hop III

          4. Tap IV/V Hogwarts

7:00 - Alice in Wonderland through End of Show:

          1. Ballet IV/V Tues.

          2. Staff Dance

          3. Jazz III

          4. Red Queen PdC

          5. Going Home

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