Gala Dress Rehearsal

Thursday June 13th


Central High School

1530 Monmouth Street

Independence, Oregon 97351

Enjoy this PDF document of the Dress Rehearsal Schedule >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

2:45pm Call Time for Creative Movement Families 

C.M. Tuesday- Court Street 

C.M. Thursday 

C.M. Tuesday- Mill Street

*Creative Movement Demonstrators should also arrive at 2:45pm 

3:45pm Call Time for Soloists

Mere- Solo

Lilly- Solo 

JC- Solo

4:15 Call Time for Act I Classes 

6:30pm Call Time for all DCS Classes 

7:00pm Call Time for Act II Classes

Advanced Tap

Ballet II

Ballet I/II 

Tap/Jazz I- Miss V

Tap/Jazz Mr. M 

Ballet III @ 4pm 

Ballet III @ 7pm 

Hip Hop III 

Tap II

Partnering Class

Jazz II

Jazz III

Ballet I @ 6pm 

Ballet I @ 4pm 

DCS Ballet 

JC Vocal Solo - in front of curtain 

Jazz IV- Breathin’

*All Demonstrators should arrive at 4:15pm 

*There will be limited portrait photography during Dress Rehearsal in the auditorium lobby- see your email or the PDF document for classes and times.

Mamma Mia Ballet

Hip Hop I 

Hip Hop II 

DCS Tap 

Jazz IV- 7 Rings

Ballet IV/V- Dawn 

Blue Ballet 


Men’s Class 

Abigail Hip Hop Solo